Submissions & FAQ

Have a social justice or literary-adjacent humor article? Email us at with your byline, contact information, and your writing pasted into the body of your email. Please include “Submission” in the subject of your email. Please do not attach anything to your email, as we are unlikely to open it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Rabid Devil?

A: An enigma. A tactless hack. A big-headed, shrieking carnivore named Chloe Chun Seim. She is a fiction writer and occasional humor writer, whose work has appeared in North American Review, Midwestern Gothic, Masters Review, and Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

Q: What kind of content is Rabid Devil looking for?

A: We’re a humor website with the occasional less-comical essay tackling issues of social justice. We seek humor that punches up, touches on timely issues or timeless topics, and is pristine in its language. Lists, recipes, open letters, tests, comics, infographics. Send us your witticisms in whatever form you desire.

Q: How soon should I hear back about my submission?

A: We aim to respond to your submission within one month. If your work is particularly timely, please place “TIMELY” at the beginning of your email subject line. We will try to get back to timely submissions within a week, hopefully sooner.

Q: Why “Rabid Devil”?

A: Learn more about the devils behind our name on our About page.